Saturday, September 04, 2004

We are Spatial

There's an AMAZING new magazine coming out of Brooklyn (where else?) written, edited, and designed by Arabs and Iranians. It concentrates on Middle Eastern artists and designers in the Middle East and the Diaspora. And there's no fluff too, definetly no paintings of camels and pearl divers, we've seen enough of those, don't you think?

One of my favorite things in the new issue is Sameer Reddy's photo shoot. He took a wealthy looking Arab woman (fake blond hair and wearing pearls), and put her in a maid's uniform, with the pearls still on. But instead of sitting around and shrieking orders at every one, she's in a maid's room ironing under wear. Juxtaposed to this is, of course, the real Phillipina maid decked out in a Chanel suite and a Fendi bag, the broom in the other hand, posing in front of the gaudy marble grand staircase (if you check the listings in the back, they borrowed that Fendi bag from Villa Moda.) Anyway, subscribe right NOW!

The Greek or the Amazon Negress?


I've been thinking about this project, making a made-for-TV style movie about either the melodramatic Graeco-Egyptian singer Dalida (how could you not with a name like that), or the inimitable New Waver Grace Jones. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the Dollhouse!

I decided to get this blog going.

Umm, don't you love Heather Matarazzo?!